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Connect and Engage Your Audience Everywhere

We provide the Smartest tools that will make your life easier when talking about strategic automated quality content to be published in your social media.

Social Gator helps you to boost your audience, engage your followers, and grow your business globally

Automate Your Business With Advanced Tools

Either if you are a Company owner Business person or entrepreneur, we can help you to build up a successful social media management plan that leads your entire audience into a qualified customer.

Enjoy our Advanced Automation Marketing Tools 24/7

Campaigns Creation and Marketing Strategies

We have created smart algorithms that allow you to create the most effective converting campaigns not only for boosting quality content to your social networks, and new audience / followers, but also, for video marketing, prospecting systems and audience management with ease.

Find Prospects and Qualify them with Quality Content.

Social-Gator is the only platform that goes beyond simply connecting your social networks.

You have the opportunity to use the most essential features to generate Trust and Credibility for you and your business.

Social-Gator allows you to connect with the most important social networks and communication channels within our platform, in such a way that you can enhance them, reach more markets, and Qualify your Fans / Audience.

Our "Easy to Do" step by step will guide you to the process of being your own social media manager, have full control of your social media, interact with your audience, measure the performance of the content shared and track the conversion rates of your social media campaigns.