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"Welcome to The Social-Gator Affiliate Program

Social Gator Pays up to 35% Monthly and Yearly Recurring Commissions

You just need to be an active user of our platform to be able to participate in our Affiliate Program

Just Refer E-funnels and get paid, The easy way to enjoy all e-funnels experience in Three simple steps!

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Create Account

All what you need to do is to create your SocialGator account and activate it either in monthly or yearly plan.

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Once Activated your Account, you will get your own and unique Referral URL.

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Get Paid!

Every time you make a Sale by using your Referral URL, you generate a 35% of that sale  on monthly or Yearly Service plan, your commissions will be paid the next 8 days of the next month.

Find Prospects and Qualify them with Quality Content.

Social-Gator is the only platform that goes beyond simply connecting your social networks.

You have the opportunity to use the most essential features to generate Trust and Credibility for you and your business.

Social-Gator allows you to connect with the most important social networks and communication channels within our platform, in such a way that you can enhance them, reach more markets, and Qualify your Fans / Audience.

Our "Easy to Do" step by step will guide you to the process of being your own social media manager, have full control of your social media, interact with your audience, measure the performance of the content shared and track the conversion rates of your social media campaigns.


Just a Social Media Manager ?, Forget it! This is Much Better.

No, not only you will get access to Advanced tools and resources to manage, improve and boost your audience in your primarily social networks, you can Also have access to a variety of resources to go beyond and create a smart marketing strategy to complete the funnel needed to take that audience to the next level

For Example, only with the autoresponder, a powerful instrument to manage and qualify all your subscribers, clients, and prospects.

Or what about the SMS marketing tool, with it, you can create specific sales strategies targeted to specific market niche and boost sales

And that above is just a sneak peak, you need to try it all and convince yourself about the powerful platform created to cover all your needs

Try it out now!

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