Social-Gator: All your social networks working for you 24/7



"Streamline, Manage and Automate your Social Media and Communication Channels"

Schedule, Optimize and Automate Quality Content

Create Trust, Credibility and Keep your Audience Connected and Interested in Your Business, Brand or Services 24/7

No Credit Card Needed

Connect and Engage Your Audience Everywhere

We provide the Smartest tools that will make your life easier when talking about strategic automated quality content to be published in your social media.

Social Gator helps you to boost your audience, engage your followers, and grow your business globally

Automate Your Business With Advanced Tools

Either if you are a Company owner Business person or entrepreneur, we can help you to build up a successful social media management plan that leads your entire audience into a qualified customer.

Enjoy our Advanced Automation Marketing Tools 24/7

Campaigns Creation and Marketing Strategies

We have created smart algorithms that allow you to create the most effective converting campaigns not only for boosting quality content to your social networks, and new audience / followers, but also, for video marketing, prospecting systems and audience management with ease.

Far Beyond of Streamline Content To your Social Networks

We Have Created a Smart Environment that Works for you in your Online Journey with Social Networks and Communication Resources

  • Send Automated Quality Content to your social networks 24/7
  • Access to TONS of resources to get targeted content for your social networks and communication channels
  • (Exclusive) Create automated Twitter follow/Unfollow Campaigns to get Leads for your business
  • (Exclusive) Connect your YouTube Channels, Optimize your videos with our -secret- algorithm and rank your videos above competitors
  • WhatsApp Marketing: create smart and automated WhatsApp targeted Campaigns for your visitors 
  • SMS Marketing: Send SMS messages globally and boost sales for your business!
  • Email Marketing: Access to your own autoresponder 100% professional and with high open and click through rates!
  • Schedule Content to be posted on your social networks on Day and time
  • WordPress: You can connect your WordPress websites and automate content 24/7
  • RSS Feeds: Connect RSS Feeds and feed your social networks with that exclusive content either manually or automated
  • Twitter : Automate your tweets, retweets Scheduling 24/7
  • Upload content through CSV files, add images, videos and URLs, and share it to your social networks
  • Create and Repeat Published Campaigns to re-target your audience in your social networks
  • Connect and Manage all your google ads campaigns smoothly 
  • Get access to campaigns and publishing stats at anytime
  • Create unlimited campaigns to target your social networks to grow your business and get more leads and customers
  • 24/7 support  And Learning center

Choose the Right Market Niche, and Make It Work For You.

You just need to create a specific campaign, target it into the right market, and social-gator will do the rest!

You will get a 24/7 automated quality system to get new audience world wide a 100% interested in you business or service.
Grow your business globally, take advantage of our exclusive tools for audience management either with social media or communication channel resources.

Find Prospects and Qualify them with Quality Content.

Social-Gator is the only platform that goes beyond simply connecting your social networks.

You have the opportunity to use the most essential features to generate Trust and Credibility for you and your business.

Social-Gator allows you to connect with the most important social networks and communication channels within our platform, in such a way that you can enhance them, reach more markets, and Qualify your Fans / Audience.

Our "Easy to Do" step by step will guide you to the process of being your own social media manager, have full control of your social media, interact with your audience, measure the performance of the content shared and track the conversion rates of your social media campaigns.


Just a Social Media Manager ?, Forget it! This is Much Better.

No, not only you will get access to Advanced tools and resources to manage, improve and boost your audience in your primarily social networks, you can Also have access to a variety of resources to go beyond and create a smart marketing strategy to complete the funnel needed to take that audience to the next level

For Example, only with the autoresponder, a powerful instrument to manage and qualify all your subscribers, clients, and prospects.

Or what about the SMS marketing tool, with it, you can create specific sales strategies targeted to specific market niche and boost sales

And that above is just a sneak peak, you need to try it all and convince yourself about the powerful platform created to cover all your needs

Try it out now!